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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Beds=Dreams donation, Cookie

We got another call from the vet hospital on Wednesday morning (1/22).  Cookie’s platelets are slowly rising, however she remains anemic.  Since her demeanor is still good, so they haven’t given her a transfusion, but she still needs to stay in the hospital.  She is now eating for them….so I feel encouraged by the news and am hoping my baby doesn’t feel too abandoned.  

I got an email from the Beds=Dreams woman (my friend Mary) telling me she would be at quilting tomorrow, so with Michael and Janice’s help, I got pictures of all of the quilts I am donating: 

yes....2 exactly the same

Janice liked this one

I'm sure Anne will like this one  :~)

made on retreat

same fabrics in this as the one below, but different layout

before they were packed into 2 blue IKEA bags.  Of course the cats were alerted to a NEW BAG: 

I love all of these quilts….but if I were to keep any of them, it would be the rainbow 4 patch frenzy.  Leila, thank you so much for introducing us to this pattern!!!!  

Janice and I retired to the studio; she continued with her binding (after we made a label): 

while I continued to cut out for my rainbow quilts (I’ll be making 2 new patterns….hooray!!!)  Anne came by for a quick visit and also gave me some patterns for kids sweaters so that I can continue to knit for AJ  :~).  

Janice left for home around 12:30 PM and Anne and I hopped in the car and headed to Matthews to see Cookie!  What a good girl:  

she was very anxious in the meeting room, running back and forth between the 2 doors… I asked for a leash to take her out.  Sure enough she did a nice long pee….but best of all….she pooped….a normal poop….no blood of any kind!!!!!  I know I sound like the parent of a baby, but that was wonderful to see!  Probably the first time I’ve been excited to see poop!  

Her packed red blood cells are still not where they should be…and her platelets should be between 117,000 to 400,000 and they are only at 10,000, but she certainly seems to be on her way to recovery.  What a wonderful sight she was!!!  

I got home around 3 PM and headed back to the studio….I’ve cut all of the colors for my rainbow quilts, 

but no background, so that was next.  

Michael and I both took a nap before dinner (Janice kept me up until almost MID_NIGHT on Tuesday night  :~).  And after a late dinner, we settled in to watch TV and knit.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Italian Wedding Soup, weaving group, Janice's finished quilt

Tuesday (1/21) morning dawned with slightly better news on Cookie.  I asked Michael to call as I couldn’t face what might have happened overnight, but her platelets were up slightly and she had eaten a tiny bit of chicken baby food (her first food in 2 days).  

Michael took off after that to deliver the cookie cups, get a cleaning at the dentist, and visit Cookie!  

I got Italian Wedding Soup in the crockpot: 

before Janice and I headed back to the studio to work on her quilt, and by lunchtime, she was done quilting it.  By then I was starving...and I want to show you that my honey is not the only one who can make a nice looking omelet  :~):

onion/sausage/cheese omelet

While Janice was working on her quilt, I started to embroider a bunch of words that Paula wants to include in a quilt for a neighbor, suffering from metastatic breast cancer:  

She wants the words in 3 different colors...and of course the anal Debbie method does all of the same colors at once!

Michael called me while he was with Cookie….the tech said Cookie wouldn’t eat for her, but I asked Michael to take some ham and cheese slices with him…and she SNARFED them down!!!  Who loves her daddy  :~).  

The internal medicine doctor called me to get permission to give her a chemo drug which seems to speed up platelet production….Cookie’s platelets are slightly better, but nowhere near where the doctor would like to see them.  

In the afternoon, I headed out to weaving at Kathy’s house:  


Laura - with a beautiful felted scarf




It was a lovely afternoon and we talked about everything under the sun!  I didn’t stay as long as I normally do, as I wanted to get back home to spend time with Janice.  

By the time we stopped for dinner, her quilt was off of the frame and all cleaned up:  

I ran 2 quarts of soup over to my neighbors before settling in to have some myself :~).  There’s NOTHING like homemade soup on a freezing winter day!!    

Michael took off for rehearsal and Janice and I once again hit the studio.  She got binding made and started to apply it: 

while I started to cut fabric for 2 rainbow quilts.  

We headed upstairs when Michael came home and sat in the living room, talking and playing on our KINDLES until almost mid-night!!!

***MMR - Michael's Movie Reviews ***

1917 - this is a cinematic masterpiece. If it does not win an Oscar for cinema photography I will be shocked!  WWI is the setting, based on a true story, the movie follows two English soldiers trying to get a message to another general to try to stop them from going into a trap. It is a tense journey to say the least. They have to sneak through enemy lines, dodge bombs, and German soldiers. A great movie, similar to “They will not be forgotten “ a super documentary about WWI. I give it 4 1/2 fat quarters out of 5.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Janice here, 'southern' quilt, Black Forest Cookie Cups

It was FREEZING Monday morning (1/20) and I think my honey was crazy to leave for golfing in Lancaster, but at 9 AM they were on their way.  

I basically moped around all morning, just waiting for a call from the animal hospital.  They finally called at 1 PM….Cookie is in a very precarious position…she is anemic and has almost no platelets…..they are 90% sure it is an autoimmune disease, but diagnosing that 100% is done by eliminating other things they can test for.  Between now and probably Wednesday morning she is in a very precarious position.  By Wednesday morning they hope her platelets will have started to come back, but between now and then she could bleed out.  She hasn’t eaten for 2 days.  I remember feeling this same terror when she was in the hospital as a puppy with parvo.  Nothing to do but pray…and I would accept any of yours!!!  

Janice got here:

just after I talked to the doctor, so I was still crying and she feared the worst….but she talked me down off of the ledge.  She is here to quilt her ‘southern’ quilt…it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I want to go out and buy ALL of her fabrics.  She got the back loaded and the top all basted:

and (after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to buy a king sized batting), we kicked it off.  

We stitched all afternoon and evening.  We took a break for dinner (Elephant Chicken Soup) and a visit from Paula, and by the end of the evening we were 3/4 of the way done with the quilting.  

After baking some rolls to go with Michael’s soup, I also made chocolate cookie cups:  

Michael filled them with cherry pie filling and they got topped with a little royal icing.  

These are a thank you for the golf course grounds crew and he will deliver them Tuesday morning on his way to the dentist.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Cookie is very sick

I thought I knew how Sunday (1/19) would go….there would be a relaxing breakfast:  

my honey's perfect gas houser eggs

and then I would spend the afternoon with friends at the Piedmont Fiber Guild, listening to a talk by my friend Susie.  That was the plan anyway…but worsening symptoms on Cookie’s part led to a frantic search for a 24/7 animal hospital, and after several false starts we ended up in Matthews with our very sick puppy:  

they wrapped her poor tail so it wouldn't get stained with blood

Mom - what's going on?

The doctor actually couldn’t believe how sick Cookie was based on her demeanor, but blood work doesn’t lie and they admitted her and she is on steroids, and anti-nausea medication and an IV because she was dehydrated.  We were finally home after 4 PM and I just couldn’t get anything going.  I sat in the living room, reading a library book and thinking about my very sick baby until bedtime.