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Monday, October 22, 2018

last baby quilt loaded up, new card from Michael

We got a late start Sunday morning (10/21), but the best part was getting to SKYPE with AJ and having her recognize her Pop-Pop!!  

I worked during the day on getting my last baby quilt loaded up:

I hope to get this totally finished by the weekend so that it can be delivered next week.....this is the 4th baby quilt I've completed in the last couple of months and I will be thrilled to have them all done!

Lynn & Nadine stopped by in the early afternoon…they are HUGE supporters and workers for LASS (Lancaster Area Shelter Supporters) and Nadine was Lucy & Ethel’s foster mom before we got them.  First off, they couldn’t believe how big and soft and fluffy the 2 kitties have gotten  :~).  

Then, Lynn & Nadine  will be wo-manning a table at the Fall Festival and I gave them lots and lots of 3-D star ornaments and my small purses to sell to raise money for the shelter.  They also took about a dozen small beds I made months and months ago for the bottom of the cages at the shelter.  

I spent the afternoon working on the QoV and getting the binding about 1/2 way done on the second side of the quilt:  

Michael and I had leftovers for dinner and while we were watching TV in the evening, I got my rainbow beads loaded up  :~).

I should have posted this weeks ago when my honey first finished it....he made a new card:

Sunday, October 21, 2018

rose, labels, Anne, dinner out

Our rose bushes are still producing and Michael picked a beautiful one:

before leaving for golf here at SCCL before 8 AM on Saturday (10/20).  

I put together bread dough before heading to my studio.  I got both of Paula’s labels done:  

and also got most of the binding put on one side of the second QoV.  I can’t finish the binding until I get labels done of my own  :~).  

Michael came home from golf with an 85, and I got bread baked and a pan of brownies made in the afternoon:  

The brownies are just the beginning of ‘salted caramel brownies’, from one of my favorite blogs: (  

Anne stopped by in the afternoon to drop off deviled eggs for Michael and to show off bracelets she had just finished:

While she was there, I finally got one patriotic label completed:

By then it was time to get cleaned up before Nadine & Lynn picked us up:

Nadine & Lynn at dinner

to head into Charlotte.  We had dinner at MAMA RICOTTA’s, 3 of us had the cheese raviolis with sage/butter sauce, and one had meat sauce:  

After that we headed to Actor’s Theatre for THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT….an excellent play about an autistic boy.  We weren't home until 11:30, and read for a bit before going to bed.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Paula's quilt totally done

I left the house at 8:30 AM on Friday (10/19) and didn’t get home until after 2 PM.  First up was delivering the elephant quilt to the doctor’s office….guess what…she went into labor last night!!!  BUT, the ladies at the desk assured me that her staff would get it to her  :~).  Next up I headed to Joann’s and scored 300 cupcake papers with a 60% off coupon…aren’t they pretty?:  

At that price I think they’re about the same price as the dollar store…but so much nicer!  

Then it was off to Matthews to see Jan’s new place and to move a bunch of furniture around for her.  YES, I took my camera….NO, I did not take one picture!!!  I am the worst ever!!!  We went out to lunch at Red Bowl and Marianne met us there.  Lunch was excellent and we all talked for a long time afterwards before I headed home.  I was just exhausted and had to take a nap once home!  

After that I got Paula’s quilt totally finished:  

Now, I just have to get 2 labels done for her.  Michael made a salad for himself for dinner, while I asked him to make me popcorn around 8 PM (I was not very hungry after our lunch).  I worked in my studio for a bit starting to get binding on one of the 2 Quilts of Valor I recently finished before joining Michael for TV watching and bead braiding  :~).  And....speaking of bead braiding....guess what showed up today:

 This is my ultimate make a rainbow necklace...and now I have the beads to do it  :~).

I do not understand how, after reading the following article, you cannot be embarrassed that this person is our president.  For him, I guess violence is always the answer when he doesn’t like something.  His behavior and speeches are absolutely unbelievable to me, and the fact that he continues to foment an attitude of violence is unforgiveable.  If you are not willing to read some of these articles, is it just because you are sticking your head in the sand about what he is really like?:

Friday, October 19, 2018

SHQ show & tell, pizza for dinner

I didn’t have anything to work on at Scrap Happy, so I got up early on Thursday (10/18) and spent some time cutting fabric for a new Quilt of Valor.  I worked on that at quilting, and also showed my elephant quilt at the end of show and tell:   

June selling raffle tix for this one

Floy makes THE CUTEST quilts!!

Michael was home about 20 minutes after I got home, and we spent over an hour out on our lanair enjoying the GORGEOUS weather!!!

After that I headed downstairs and I fired up Miss Scarlett for Paula’s quilt, and finished laying out my newest Quilt of Valor:  

I LOVE this pattern!!!  By the time we started to get ready for a late dinner, Paula’s quilting was done….YAY!!!  We had leftover sauce and cheese and so made pizzas for dinner:  

They were absolutely yummy and we snuggled on the couch afterwards watching TV.  I did get a new necklace loaded up and a 1/3 of all of my beads loaded…..can’t wait to see how to finish these things  :~).

Thursday, October 18, 2018

pillow cases, new start of QoV

I ran up to the Lake House first thing on Wednesday (10/17) to meet with Linda, my hearing aid lady, but was home in time to SKYPE with Janice.  We talked until around 10:30, then I had breakfast and completed a bunch of paperwork on the computer.  My honey came down to bid me good-bye (he was going to the driving range) and all of these pictures should be labeled ‘waiting for dad to come back upstairs’:  

see Ethel peeking around the corner at the top

I finally got to settle in to quilting on Paula’s second breast cancer quilt:  

While it was stitching out, I got the tops of 2 pillow cases embroidered: 

and started to layout my blocks, finished 2 weeks ago at Thursday quilting:  

I worked on Paula’s quilt all day and got 3/4 of the quilting done before stopping to have a date night with my honey.  We had champagne 

I just LOVE that color from the frozen fruit

and puffy things for dinner, then settled on the couch to watch BURN BEFORE READING, another offering from the Coen brothers…’ve never seen Brad Pitt and George Clooney like this!

And on another front, if you are a woman in America, and you are not worried, you should be.  Is this the kind of treatment you think is appropriate for your wife/daughter/granddaughter?:

The mid-term elections are a critical time….if you do not like what is happening, then for heaven’s sake, do not vote for people who will continue to support his classless and tasteless opinions and actions. 

And a short video of the kitties, I haven’t posted one in awhile:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

elephant baby quilt totally done!

We slept in a little Tuesday morning (10/16) but eventually Michael made me breakfast: 

and made an omelet for himself before leaving for errands (chiro, dollar store, liquor store, movie tix, flu shot) while I headed downstairs.  

I worked on the elephant quilt except for a brief trip to Hobby Lobby with Anne, and by 3 PM it was in the washer!  I am so glad I had someone to do this quilt for...I think it is just the cutest thing!  I will be delivering it to our glaucoma doctor sometime this week. 

While that was happening, I started to load up Paula’s newest quilt:  

I took a quick break in the afternoon to run yet another beautiful vase of hydrangeas (picked fresh this morning by my honey) over to Pam, a friend who definitely needs a little cheering up!

At dinnertime Michael and I split a sandwich and fries from ZAXBY’s, and then he left to pick up Larry for an early movie THE FIRST MAN.  

I worked on Paula's quilt until he got home and got it all basted: 

and the program set up.