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Monday, December 17, 2018

caramel popcorn, new quilt moves along

We got a really late start on Sunday morning (12/16), but Cookie still enjoyed sitting in the sun (her favorite morning activity) until it disappeared:  

Michael ran to the store to get me some popcorn kernels, then spent a bit of time on the phone talking to COMPORIUM as we weren’t getting any channels on the TV!  He got that fixed in time to get dressed and head out to the golf course for a little practice.  

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, getting 2 runs of caramel corn completed:  

I pop popcorn in the air popper

add in dry roasted peanuts

then make the butter/sugar coating and cook it on the stovetop

pouring it over all of the popcorn & nuts

stir, stir, stir, then it gets baked for an hour, stirring every 15 minutes

until finally it gets spread out to cool down before being scooped into bags

By then it was mid-afternoon and all of our furry kids headed out to the lanair to lay in the sun:  

I sat and read for a bit after that, but when Michael left at 4:30 for another play tryout, I finally headed downstairs to continue sewing on my latest quilt:  

He got home just after 7 PM (they won’t know until maybe Wednesday if he got cast), bringing us each a piece of pizza and a rotisserie chicken.  I got the chicken picked and the carcass in the crockpot after which we ate our pizza, watched TV and braided a bit.

True to form, Michael's Christmas cactii are starting to bloom:

Sunday, December 16, 2018

brunch, deer, QoV top totally finished, new FPF started

I got up Saturday morning (12/15), got my blog out and read my emails and was sewing my quilt top together by 9 AM.  I did stop at 11 AM to make breakfast/lunch…a grilled cheese/mustard/pickle relish on rye sandwich ….yum: 

and then started sewing again.  

Michael spent the afternoon in the studio with me, watching THE CLOSER and working on his computer, and we had a visit from some wildlife in the backyard in the late afternoon:  

And Lucy & Ethel were with us as well, but this is what the kitty basket usually looks like:  

In other words, only room for one!  

Other than a quick visit with Anne, I kept on sewing and by dinnertime….voila: 

I know the white looks VERY bright, but it will be fine once it's quilted over

One down (of the extra quilts I cut for retreat) and 2 to go.  

I was talking to Anne about it while she was here….I really want to finish the other 2 quilt tops before the end of the year….then give my studio a good cleaning and start the year fresh.  We’ll see…I only have a little over 2 weeks and cleaning up and putting things away in my studio is going to take a lot of doing  :~).  

We had popcorn for dinner and I continued to sew for just a bit.  Now, I have to confess that I am TOTALLY doing the BG/MJ method on the second quilt  :~).  The anal Debbie method would have been to complete all 96 4-patch blocks:  

before doing anything else.  But, it’s been so long since I cut my fabric and I didn’t even remember what it would look like together…and I was dying to see it….so I started to sew the 4-patches I had already completed onto the colored rectangles, and laying them out and voila (I love it...big surprise!): 

I headed upstairs around 8 PM and finished loading the last string of beads for my newest necklace.  I braided for a bit, just enough to be sure the pattern was working before snuggling in to watch TV with my honey.  After the first of the year I really need to buy the tools I need to finish off these necklaces so that I can get some pictures of completed ones  :~).

Saturday, December 15, 2018

new QoV started, Michael's dessert, Lucy & Ethel in bed

My honey made me a terrific breakfast Friday morning (12/14) with home fries he brought home from his breakfast out on Tuesday:  

I spent a good bit of time getting my blog out and ordering a few Christmas presents on the internet before settling back into sewing.  Now that I’ve completed the borders on all 4 of my retreat tops, it’s time to start piecing the other 3 quilt tops I cut out for retreat.  First up is another QoV:  

I worked on that for a couple of hours until it was time to leave for yet another doctor’s appointment.  Michael and I left before 1:30 PM and didn’t get home again until just after 5:30!!  

We had leftovers for dinner and I worked downstairs for a couple more hours….at this point all of my blocks are done:  

I headed upstairs and since we’ve been to the store recently, I finally got to make Michael a dessert treat the way I wanted:  
remaining piece of brownie, broken up into bites

some of that fabulous triple chocolate ice cream (Pat, have you tried yours yet??)

luscious caramel sauce that Anne made

My honey thought it was fabulous!!!  I got several more bead strings done while we were watching TV….only one more to go!  

So the ‘cat bed’ has been buried for a long time under the afghan on the downstairs sofa.  Sometimes Cookie has squished in it, but the cats weren’t using it anymore as I thought they wouldn’t fit anymore.  With Michael moving the bird feeder, they spend a lot of time at the door staring out and I thought I’d move the bed there so that they’d have a warmer place to sit.  If they used it I thought I might ask Larry to build a sort of platform for them…well, low and behold, yesterday while I was sewing I saw this:   

Don’t they look absolutely adorable squished in there???  After all, they used to look like this:
look at all of the room left in there!!!

And then, a little bit later, I got a video of this:

Friday, December 14, 2018

SHQ Christmas Pary and Show & Tell

Paula walked down to my house Thursday morning (12/13) and we took off for quilting; we dropped off the spice cookies on the way.  

Today was our Christmas Party and it was absolutely delightful!  Several people were in holiday garb:  

Jerri L's finished pin, modeled after the 3D Christmas pillows

Loree always turns up in something cute :~)

We sat and talked until everyone got there:

And after talking and getting our food all ready:  

we dove in!!  We ate and talked for a bit before playing the Chinese Auction game with our gifts…the gifts were truly over the top….not a bad one in the bunch!  Gift certificates to the newly opened HOBBY LOBBY seemed particularly welcome!  We played a holiday left/right game with patriotic fat quarters, and ended up with show and tell and stories of people’s favorite quilts:  
Sandy D with an exquisite teeny, tiny felted wool sewing kit


Floy with another adorable applique quilt

who can resist this hippo?  not me!

extra bonus?  a nice picture of Denise in the background!
another silly one from Floy

gorgeous thread painting by Marge

made when Carolina's daughter was just a baby

I was home just after NOON and spent time in the studio with my honey.  I worked hard on my borders and by dinnertime, my last retreat quilt top was all finished:  

We had leftovers for dinner and while we watched TV in the evening, I started to load up a new necklace.  I had a big order of beads delivered on Monday and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I can’t wait to see how they braid out after I get them all loaded.