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Monday, March 25, 2019

bread, Lucy, 3rd auction quilt totally done

Michael headed to the grocery store first thing Sunday morning (3/24) while I got dough put together for sandwich bread baking:  

He brought home bagels and we had breakfast together, then he baked the bread: 

and ran 1/2 a loaf over to Ginny & Ken, while I headed downstairs to get back to my binding.  

I worked on it for a bit, with pauses to continue the clean-up of the sewing room.  I finished adding it to the wrong side of the quilt, put my borrowed walking foot on my embroidery machine and started to apply it to the right side.  

Michael and I spent a good bit of time out on the lanair in the afternoon as the weather was gorgeous.  Anne stopped by for a bit and spent time out there as well, getting good photos of one of my babies checking out the birds:  

We had leftover Shepard’s Pie for dinner and finally around 8:30 the binding was complete….YAY!!!  

I’m sure some of the quilters I know who put on binding by hand would have been done much quicker….but I am very glad to have this third auction quilt done.  I’ll stitch down the label: 

today and it will be totally finished.  On Thursday I’m sure Jerri will have finished hand stitching down the binding from the second quilt and I will be VERY glad to call the 2 ladies who ordered these quilts to come and pick them up.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Michael's breakfast omelet, basting Sandy's quilt, Janice's plants

My honey was up and out early Saturday (3/23) for golfing here at SCCL, but not before making himself a perfect omelet:  

please don't ask why this is blurry...I have NO idea!!

I got up a bit later and did a bit of clean-up in the kitchen before heading downstairs.  I spent a lot of time on the computer before making binding and starting to apply it to the last auction QoV:  

I missed having a wall and my thread rack on place to hang my borders as I put them on!

I wasn’t done before leaving after 2:00 PM to head on over to Kristen’s to load up Sandy D’s quilt.  We (well, I really should way she) got it all loaded and basted: 

and we had a wonderful time just talking and getting to know each other a bit better:

before I headed home, picking up ARBY’s fish sandwiches on the way at
7 PM.  

Watching TV and knitting completed the rest of the night.  

I did call Sandy in the evening.  I really didn’t like the pattern she picked out for her quilt.  The quilt is beautiful and (as usual for Sandy’s quilts) filled with thousands of 1 inch (or smaller) squares.  I really felt the pattern would not add anything to the quilt, and would probably actually distract from it.  Luckily Sandy agreed and then she mentioned the EXACT other pattern I was thinking of doing….so I felt 100% better about doing it.

Janice - your front porch plants (at least 2 of them) are starting to bloom.  They get light, but no direct sun....should I move them?

ok...I can hear you all now....I'm a TERRIBLE photographer!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

2 new friends at Local Dish, Martha & harry, Ann Mary & Jim

I spent part of the morning on Friday (3/22) cleaning up cat throw-up (why do they have to throw up on the stairs and why do they always manage to hit 3 – 4 stairs??) and of course they had to check out what was going on: 

and the rest of it continuing to clean and re-organize my sewing room.  

I left just before 11 AM for lunch at LOCAL DISH in Fort Mill.  I met 2 new long arm ladies for the first time in person.  We first started ‘talking’ on Facebook.  OMgoodness….WHAT a fabulous lunch!!!!!  We got there when they opened the restaurant at 11:30 and we finally closed it down with them at 2:30....we just didn't want to leave!

I ordered the green beans for an appetizer for all of us: 

and then had a chicken sandwich:  

Three hours of talking and talking and talking…it was heaven.  And, the restaurant even had a quilt hanging as decoration:

As one of the ladies pointed out, we are all 3 very different long armers.  

Linda (from Rock Hill):  

is a custom quilter….she showed us some samples of quilts on her phone…..INCREDIBLE!!!!  

Linda (from Waxhaw):

is strictly charity quilting…..supplying all of the kidney dialysis centers with quilts (and many other places as well).  She showed us many, many pictures of her beautiful quilts…..she makes TONS!  I do a mix of charity and customer.   They are both free motion quilters, and I use a computer to do my quilting.  We’ve decided to try to get together on a regular basis…we all want to visit each other’s houses to see how we do things, so our next get together is May 2 at my house.  I should have my new machine by then.  

I made a quick stop at the liquor store and ALDI’s before finally getting home around 3:30, to see 2 of my furry babies enjoying the lanair:  

I got dough started for dinner rolls and got out our Shepard’s Pie to come to room temperature.  

Martha & Harry: 

and Ann Mary & Jim: 

arrived at 6 PM with a salad and dessert.  Everyone enjoyed dinner:

although I was shocked that not even 1/2 of the Shepard’s Pie got eaten…it really was very filling.  

We never did end up playing games…we just sat around and talked for the rest of the evening.  Ann Mary had brought a rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert that was absolutely heavenly!

Friday, March 22, 2019

SHQ SHow & Tell, Zig Zag top finished, Kristen's second quilt

Paula picked me up just after 9 AM for quilting on Thursday (3/21).  I didn’t have time to cut fabric for a Thursday project, so I took my zig zag quilt, hoping to get it all sewn together and one of my QoV’s which needed borders.  I was very pleased that I got both of those done:  

We had a good group with some great Show & Tell: 

this is one of the quilts Sandy gave me

and this is the other...look at those TINY pieces!!


I LOVE this from Jerri and want to do as a QoV

Aanother from Jerri

BJ's snail's trails

another Loree quilt in florals from Robin

this is the class Cheryle will be teaching next month

and I picked up 2 quilts from Sandy that need to be quilted.  I'm going to get together with Kristin to get them done.  

When I got home I read for a bit, then my honey came home and we both took a nap!  I had been up since 3 AM (don’t ask me why) and was very tired.  After that I asked him to take pictures of some of our flowers outside.  The deep purple every blooming iris from Loree is showing its first bloom:

I wanted to put together our dinner for Friday since we’re having company and I will be busy during the day, so my honey helped me to put together a Shepard’s Pie.  

It took both of us over 1-1/2 hours to get it all pulled together (and lots of dishes!)….so not a quick and easy recipe by any means!!!  After that we watched TV for the rest of the evening and I knit on a small project.

Kristine has finished her SECOND (!!!!!!) quilt on Miss Scarlett (remember, she’s only had the longarm since Sunday!!!)  

Isn’t it beautiful?  She is so happy and so am I!