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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

MESIG show & tell

I'm kind of surprised....I didn't get many blog comments from people wanting to taste the goodies....but I guess that means more for Inez, Michael and me!!!


When we got up Monday morning (9/17) our house was 85 degrees…. YIKES!!!  For once it was cooler outside than in, so we opened up before Michael and Cookie left for a long walk.  

When he got home, he made me an egg/cheese/spinach/toast to keep me going while I was working on Sandy D’s second quilt:  

I got several rows done, along with 2 embroideries for pillow cases to match Rainbow Blockhead 

before leaving for Machine Embroidery.  We had a great meeting, with lots of terrific show & tell.  Our challenge for this month was to embroider and make something with a purchased placemant.  All of the following pictures are the result of that challenge (and almost all of the placemats were bought for a dollar!!):  

Yes, these American girl doll jackets were make from placemats that cost a dollar apiece!!!  She used the hemmed edge so that she didn't have to hem any of the jackets or sleeves....SO VERY CLEVER!!  And, yes, she did the embroidery on them.

the background is the actual placemat!

again, placemat is the background behind the pumpkin

Here's the rest of the 'regular' show and tell:

look familiar Fiber Floozies???

I know based on these pictures you must think that we have hundreds of people in our club, but there were only 16 people there yesterday and that's about what we average each month.  These poeple are just WAY productive!!

I was home just after 3 PM and  continued to work on Sandy’s quilt:

We stopped for pizza from Harris Teeter (grocery store) for dinner before Paula picked me up for a long ride through our community.  It started out that she had something to deliver to pod “V” and so did I, so off we went!  We drove hither and yon, talking all the while….I think it was 9 PM when I finally got home.  By then, the house was up to 90 degrees, so Michael and I continued to huddle in the basement watching TV.  He ended up sleeping on the basement couch, while I was on the lanair, with both fans going full blast.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sandy's 2nd quilt loaded, Rainbow blockhead totally finished, champagne & puffy things

A quick note before we get started.  My friend Inez is coming on Wednesday from Florida and staying for a week…YAY!!!  The plan as of now is to bake something every day….if you are within driving distance of my house, and want to try any of our goodies (providing there are leftovers), please leave me a comment.  I’ll add you to an email list, and then send out something as the goodies are completed.  First come, first serve!


Sunday (9/16) was another gloomy and rainy day.  The perfect day to stay home and craft  :~).  In order to keep moving ahead with my own quilts, I first had to load up Sandy D’s second quilt:  

Anne came for a visit as her phone, internet and TV were all down and she was fascinated while watching me load Miss Scarlett  :~).  After that was done I dropped back to working on Rainbow Blockhead, and by dinnertime it was totally finished:  

I LOVE this quilt….I love the quilting on it and also love the tiny black binding….I feel it really finishes the quilt.  

Michael and I had already decided weeks ago to have champagne and puffy things after each Sunday matinee performance, so even though performances were cancelled for Saturday and Sunday….that was still our supper:  

check out the color from the frozen raspberries/blackberries/blueberries

We settled in to watch TV (we’re currently back to watching THE CLOSER as they suddenly put a bunch of re-runs on the LIFETIME stations…we really miss that show), and my necklace is now totally loaded for beads.  I’ll have to contact one of my ‘teachers’ to see if we can get together so that she can guide me to braiding it correctly.

 ****MMR Michael’s Movie Reviews***

Operation:Finale, starring Ben Kingsley as Adolph Eichmann.  Set up like the movie “ARGO” from a few years back, this true story of the hunting down and eventual capture of “the architect of the final solution” follows a group of Mossad agents as they plan this “operation finale”.  Eichmann was the last major German officer left free after WWII.  In 1960, he was in Argentina, living with his wife and 2 sons under a Spanish name.  He was being protected by a large group of Nazi sympathizers.  Much of the movie shows Eichmann and his captors battling for mental superiority.  The final takedown and ending credits are well worth the wait!  I give it 3-1/2 fat quarters out of 5.

BlacKKKlansman: directed by Spike Lee, based on a true story.  Set in the 70’s, a black undercover cop puts on a “white voice” and contacts the local KKK and becomes a member.  He sends his white cop friend to go to meetings to infiltrate the group.  The KKK is planning some “terrorist” type activities and the movie shows what happens behind those white robes – it’s not pleasant to see.  More frightening is that the credo of the KKK sounds very much like the rhetoric spewing from our “White” house today.  I give it 4 fat quarters out of 5. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sandy D's quilt done, furry kids, list finished

It was overcast and windy Saturday morning (9/15) with intermittent rain.  
We had a bit of breakfast, then I headed once again to my studio.  First up was totally finishing Sandy’s quilt....the amount of pieces in this quilt is just mind boggling to me...check out the 9 patch HST blocks which make up the border in the second picture:  

Next was the binding for Rainbow Blockhead:  

I started to apply it, stopping for the perfect grilled cheese for a late lunch: 

and by the time I joined Michael at 7:30, the binding was applied on one side of the quilt!  

I had company in the afternoon (Michael doing his emails and everyone else sleeping...or getting ready to!):

and it was a dark, but productive and peaceful day.  I also re-worked a label for Barb as she decided the original one was too hard to read:

Michael made popcorn and we watched INSIDE OUT….a wonderful and funny movie, before heading to bed.

Here’s my list (for the last time…I’d call it a good week):

-sandy’s quilt     (all rows done)
-barb’s quilt label       (done)
-towels for Michael’s cast gifts (all 10 done!)
-homework for Thursday’s SHQ retreat (postponed)
-label & binding for Rainbow Blockhead (done)
-find pattern for wrapped package baby quilt  (done)

And yet again, what an incredible piece from Joy the Baker ( on the real message of 9/11, with a hard truth: