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Thursday, December 5, 2019


I ran my dragonfly quilt down to Paula Wednesday morning (12/4).  She is taking it to quilting on Thursday so that Jerri L can hand stitch the binding down.  As soon as I got back home, my honey jumped in the golf cart and took off for golf.  I spent the day quilting once again, other than a great visit with Pat: 

and a quick trip into Waxhaw to pick up my hearing aid, and by dinnertime the quilting on my: 

was done!!!!  I spent the evening watching TV and knitting on AJ’s sweater.

I thought you'd like to see Janice's perfect Christmas decoration on that gorgeous aqua front door:

*** MMR – Michael’s Movie Reviews *** 

Harriet: bio pic about Harriet Tubman. Did you know that was the name that she chose as her “freedom “ name when she ran away from her owner? She went 100 miles on foot ALONE to get to freedom in Philadelphia from Maryland. She was super brave and determined to go back and free her relatives and fellow slaves despite warnings that it was too dangerous. We all know that she was a conductor for the Underground Railroad, but many other aspects of her life are detailed in this movie. It had many surprising elements for me. It has no big names in the cast (at least to me) but the acting is great and period costumes are well done. Loved it. I give it 5 fat quarters out of 5!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cookie, kitties vs tree, 1st cat quilt totally completed

Michael headed out to the chiro on Tuesday (12/3), and then to WALMART, Southern Spirits and the golf store, while I headed to the studio to begin quilting on the:  

It has really come together (just shows what I can do when I’m only working on ONE thing!!!  I have some embroideries I need to get done, but I forced myself not to be distracted by them (SQUIRREL!!!) and just to concentrate on the secret project) and I am thrilled about that.  Not only that it is close to finished, but that I can get back to some other things  :~).  

One of my furry babies spent the morning enjoying the sun:  

I continued to quilt all afternoon and I had to keep my eye on my project the entire time, so I didn’t get anything else done.  

Michael set up our Christmas tree in the living room....that is the good news.  The bad news is....the kitties are facinated by it....and NOT in a good way:

oooo - a new toy!!!

By dinnertime I was 1/2 way through with my quilting  :~).   

My honey headed out to the movies in the evening and I decided I needed a break from quilting, so I got 2 labels embroidered: 

and got the binding all complete around the first cat quilt:

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and burst out's so ME!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Michael & Cookie, binding, AJ sweater, BG's Show & Tell

Paula and I were supposed to go to Hobby Lobby first thing Monday morning (12/2) to get backing for my:   

but I woke up at 2 AM sneezing and with a sore throat  :~(.  I sent her a quick email to cancel (I didn’t want her to be anywhere around my probably contagious self) and at 7 AM climbed back into bed to try to get a bit more rest.  Whenever I am up and wandering the house, of course Cookie whines to go out….so I took her out at 4 AM and then we semi-snuggled in the media room (I say semi because she jumps down every 10 minutes….then when she once again discovers the bedroom doors are closed and she can’t get close to Michael, she comes back).  

Anyway, my honey headed out at 10 AM to the driving range, getting ready for an 11 AM tee off time and I got up around 10:30 AM and started to once again work on my:  

In the early afternoon I ran across the street to Hobby Lobby for backing for my secret project….I scored (!!!) as all of their fabric is currently 40% off  :~).  I couldn’t load up right away when I got home as one of my cat quilts was still attached to the frame, but I got it off and on the pool table and started to load up my backing and batting.  

I got the first part loaded and basted…I say first part because my pattern makes TWO of what I am making…kind of mirror images of each other.  I got the program all set up, but by then my honey was home and I covered it all up as even he does not know what my: is  :~).  

He came to the studio to watch 2 MAJOR CRIMES (a boy and his dog):

and I dropped back to sewing the binding on my dragonflies:  

After that we had dinner (leftover hamburger/mushroom casserole) and I got to sew a bit more.  The binding for the dragonflies is all done and I started to put binding on my first cat quilt: 

and at 8 PM headed upstairs to settle in and watch TV and knit…I am making progress on my newest sweater for AJ:

BG sent me pictures of 4 gorgeous quilts that she recently donated in Connecticut:

Monday, December 2, 2019


We had torrential rains and thunderstorms overnight and woke up to a gloomy, rainy day on Sunday (12/1).  Michael headed out to the grocery store after breakfast for a few things, while I continued to work on my :   

I think I can finish up the piecing on Monday....WHOO HOO!!!!

One of the things that is really slowing me down is that I am working with all bias edges, and so have to pin each seam to keep it from stretching.  I’m definitely not used to pinning that much!  Michael joined me in the afternoon and we watched 2 MAJOR CRIMES together (loving that it is on ROKU now) before heading back upstairs around 4 PM.  I went upstairs at 4:30 PM and started to put together a new Hamburger/Mushroom casserole for dinner.  Michael came out to help me and when we finally ate he pronounced it EXCELLENT….SCORE!!!  By then it was 8 PM and I settled in with my honey to knit and watch TV.

And more cuteness on the horizon....this kid certainly knows how to EAT:

Sunday, December 1, 2019


My honey left at 7:30 AM Saturday (11/30) for golf here at SCCL, and (of course) I headed to my studio to continue working on my:  

When I began sewing my strata together….I sewed the first 2 incorrectly (thank goodness my brain finally woke up on the 3rd and subsequent ones….), so that took a bit of time to rip out and re-stitch.  My honey was home before 2, with the exact same score as yesterday….46 on the front and 43 on the back…with a birdie….so he’s got a 2 game birdie streak going  :~).  We headed out shortly after he got home to give blood at the local Bo Jangles…..then came home…sewed a bit more…had dinner and settled in for the night.

I do have 2 other pictures to share with you honey took these sunsets pictures WEEKS ago on the golf very gorgeous!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

My honey was up and out the door at 6:30 AM on Friday (11/29), off on a one day golfing trip to Pinehurst with Ralph.  I ran through my emails and got my blog out and was at Harris Teeter’s door at 8 AM when they opened.  When I got home I headed to my studio to work on my secret project all day  :~).  I really think it is coming together beautifully and I hope the recipient appreciates it…..I’m hoping that 2 full weeks will be all I need to pull it together.  I had a lovely long talk with Cathy L in the afternoon and we got all caught up on what is happening in each other's lives  :~).  My honey got home at 7 PM…they had a really good time, but he was tired, so after a shower we settled in to watch several cooking shows before bed.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We spent a little time Wednesday night getting our coffee cake semi-ready for breakfast, so it didn’t take us long to finish it up Thursday morning (11/28) and get it into the oven:  

Anne came over to share: 

and we sent a big piece home with our neighbor:  

After that Michael put the golf cart cover on and took Cookie for a walk, while I headed downstairs.  I basically just putzed around until Michael came home and we had second breakfast….I had eggs and sausage…he had eggs and coffee cake!  

I tried to make soap after that….it didn’t trace the way it was supposed to…I called BG and she said I combined it when it was still way too hot :~(.  I put it into the molds….we’ll see what I get tomorrow…but I am not very hopeful.  

We headed outside mid-afternoon to get our Christmas tree lights wrapped around our tree and then broke open the champagne: 

Made out favoriate puffy things:

and decided to start our Christmas movie watching with WHITE CHRISTMAS.  It was a terrific Thanksgiving!

I couldn't resist sharing this with all of you....

*** MMR – Michael’s Movie Reviews ***

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood “ stars Tom Hanks as Mr. ROGERS. This isn’t a movie about Fred Rogers per se but more a relationship movie about Mr. Rogers and “Lloyd Vogel” a journalist for Esquire magazine. Sounds boring, no? But it is most definitely not! You see, not too many people like Lloyd, and he is being punished by his editor to do a “puff piece “ of no more than 400 words on today’s heroes (his subject is Mr. Rogers). He objects but is told do it or else. Grudgingly, he goes to do the interview and slowly is intrigued by his subject and how he interacts with the people around him and especially to Lloyd. Personal history of both men entwine them into a web of a story that is moving and powerfully told. This movie touched me deeply. Life, love and death are all handled with Mr. Rogers’ unique touch. I give it 5 fat quarters out of 5! Don’t miss this one!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Secret Project continues

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone reading this.  I am thankful for all of you....especially the people who let me know they were praying me through the surgery last week.  Internally my nose is still a little swollen and raw, but other than that, I am 100%,  I am VERY grateful that the surgery really was a 'non-event'!

I really do have the sweetest honey ever!!!  He insisted on heading to BJ’s and the grocery store on Wednesday (11/27) even though I told him it would be a ZOO!!!  He left around NOON and didn’t get home until 3:30!!!  

I worked on my:  

I am really excited about how it is going  :~).  

I wanted to say a little bit more about the movie (Mr Rodgers).  AFTER you have seen the movie (don’t do it before) come home and read the article that is referenced in the movie.  And then read some other magazine articles by the same author….he is a TERRIFIC writer;  I am really enjoying reading other things he wrote.  

We had leftovers for dinner and I watched TV and stitched down the labels on my 2 QoV’s.

My friend Jerri sent me a picture of what some of the senior residents did with the scallop shells that Michael and I send their way:

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Secret Project strata, movies

Michael called Triple A Tuesday morning (11/26), only to find that the guy working on our car wouldn’t be in until NOON.  The guy who answered the phone said it was in the repair bay….with bunches of wires hanging out of it  :~(.  

He had breakfast and then took off in the golf cart to the other end of the community.  He dropped off some donated baby quilts for me before meeting with Mike M.  A group of guys are going to Scotland next year for golf, and Michael has been invited to join them.  He met with Mike to see all of the dates and plans that have been made so far, to help him decide whether or not he is interested.  

I worked on my : 

all day and started to put together strata:  

I’ve gotta stop working on it and drop back to finishing stuff….but it’s really hard!!!!!  All I wanna do is work on the new project!!!!

Anne picked up Michael at 2:30 PM and took him to pick up the car…after all of this…they’ve decided that even though the battery registered as good…it was not….so they’ve replaced it.  PLEASE cross your fingers that that is really what was wrong!!  

The weather was so nice that Michael and I spent quite a bit of time in the late afternoon out on the lanair  :~).  I baked a tortellini casserole for dinner (and some pecan muffins for breakfast since the oven was on), then we headed out to pick up Anne and go to the movies.  

We saw the Mr Rodgers film ‘a beautiful day in the neighborhood’….it was PROFOUND!!!  It was EXCELLENT!!!  He really was an incredible man.  Everyone should go and see this movie!!!!

A little bit more cleaning in the laundry room....this stuff has been stored on the dryer FOREVER:

Because this is where it is supposed to live:

I never did finish up setting up my baking cupboard...and this mess is the result.  Thank goodness my honey unloaded that bottom shelf onto the counter for me, making it much easier to get to this:

and this: